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i get so fucking emotional thinking about how much misha got bullied as a child.

i mean, i was bullied when i was younger. it led to a lot of problems for me, health-wise, and it would get to the point where i would start having panic attacks on the way to school thinking about what could happen that day. and i was terrified about the long-term repercussions it could have on my character. how bitter, angry, resentful i could get at times - it was horrifying.

misha was constantly attacked and ostracized. he wasn’t conventional by any means, he didn’t have a “normal” (as subjective as that term is) childhood, and he was punished for it. he was treated like shit, pushed around, ridiculed, thrown in dumpsters. he self-harmed, had little money, was homeless at times.

but fucking look at him now.

he’s running a goddamn charity. he has a beautiful, loving family. he’s broken guinness world records. he preaches kindness and compassion and global unity. he’s saved lives. nasa fucking named a mountain on mars after something he started. 

misha collins is a fucking inspiration for anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t fit in. he is a fucking inspiration for anyone who has ever had a tough school life, or a tough home life, or a tough life in general. the lengths we could go to, the things we could accomplish, given the right attitude and strength of character.

misha collins is a fucking miracle.



A box of baby bengals

"What? No, I’m sorry, I ordered half a dozen mini bagels —”"Shut up, we’re keeping them."



A box of baby bengals

"What? No, I’m sorry, I ordered half a dozen mini bagels —”
"Shut up, we’re keeping them."


there ain’t no party like a winchester party


Who, me? (by zoniedude1)


the ‘my roommate’s best friend bother is really obnoxious but also hot’ au - aka the one where Sam and Cas go to college together and Dean hangs out way too much on a campus he doesn’t attend

The sight that met him as he walked into his suite was obnoxious but not surprising. His roommate Sam had an older brother who came by the campus way too often for being a twenty-six year old man who most definitely did not have a student ID. As usual, Dean was hanging out on their futon playing a video game on the xbox. Castiel sighed and allowed the door to shut before walking further into the room, coming to stand directly in front of Dean and the TV. 

"You know, you make a better door than a window, Cas," Dean accused, pausing his game even as he attempted to move over to see better, but Castiel moved with him. "Dude, what the hell?" 

"Do you go here?" he asked. 


"I said, do you go here? Do you suddenly attend classes here and pay tuition? Because if not, I am not sure why you are always here in our room.” 

Dean stared up at him with a look of shock painted all over his face - jaw dropped, eyes wide, skin paler than before - as if he couldn’t believe Castiel was saying these things. Maybe he couldn’t. Sam was too nice to tell Dean to leave but Castiel was done being nice. “Ugh- no, I don’t go here, but-“

"Then, you should leave." He didn’t say anything else, he just made his way over to his bed and sat on it, crossing his legs. The worst part about Dean being around all of the time was the constant reminder of his sexuality. Dean was hot; he was so hot it made Castiel have wet dreams, which he hadn’t had something like that since middle school, but he was having them constantly now. It was embarrassing. 

"Sam said I could stay," Dean protested, sounding a lot younger when he whined. "You can do your homework in the library or somethin’, that’s what it’s for, Cas." 

Castiel glowered over at Dean in discomfort. “If you stay, I will not be held responsible for what I do.” 

"What the hell does that mean?" Dean unpaused his game and returned to slaying zombies with a roll of his eyes. "Fuckin’ weirdo." 

His hands clenched into fists and then he decided that he would just do it. Castiel stood up before he could second guess himself and stormed over and straddled Dean’s lap, much to Dean’s shock. Hands shaking and ice cold, Castiel held Dean’s face and leaned into him, pressing a needy kiss onto Dean’s mouth. At first, Dean was too stunned to do anything, so Castiel reveled in Dean not tossing him to the floor and yelling at him; he just kept kissing him. 

And kissing him. 


Why wasn’t Dean tossing him down yet? Why- 

As Dean recovered himself, he felt the older man wrap his arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer, as if Dean had been waiting on Castiel to make the first move for years. Dean teased his tongue along Castiel’s bottom lip but he opened his mouth and allowed him entry. They both sighed into the kiss and everything stilled - the sounds of the video game, the happenings outside, and the hallway all faded. It was just him and Dean Winchester making out on the couch. 

It wasn’t until the door opened and Sam’s incredulous, “Guys!!”, that they pulled away and stared at each other. Castiel blinked slowly and Dean returned the stare of shock and wonderment. He could feel Dean’s bulge pressing against his own; they stared at each other as if one were the stars and the other the moon for what felt like forever. Eventually, Dean’s face began to turn red and he looked away, as if ashamed. Sam was leaving. 

Castiel gasped. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. 

"Don’t be," Dean muttered. "It was nice… the kiss." 

He nodded in slow agreement. “Again?” His voice never moved higher than a whisper. 

Dean leaned in, almost kissing him, before replying in the same heated whisper, “Again.” 




I’m so tired of people telling me German is an “ugly, angry” language. When my German teacher tells us jokes it’s the sweetest, happiest language in the world. When I teach my father the word for daughter he smiles, repeating “Tochter” to himself until he gets it right, and in that moment German sounds like pride. There’s nothing angry or ugly about a language that never says goodbye, only “until we meet again.”

Thank you for this

I want to learn German so very bad


look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 


look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 


(Pascal Silvain Arabatzis)




in all my years that i have been on this earth i have not played spin the bottle once. does this mean that i’ve never actually lived? do a lot of people actually even play spin the bottle? or is its importance and prevalence stretched and exaggerated in media? these are the questions of the hour

Are teen parties with alcohol and red solo cups even real?!!?!

Has anyone ever participated in a food fight?!?


Wonder Woman casually hands Mjolnir to Thor




The best part about this is that Dean is kind of annoyed at Cas, but he also can’t seem to hold back his smile. 




The best part about this is that Dean is kind of annoyed at Cas, but he also can’t seem to hold back his smile. 


Baby Sage taking a nap